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Tribunj is a picturesque village and municipality in the Šibenik-Knin County of Croatia, known for its peaceful coastal cafes and rich history. It is located approximately three kilometers northwest of Vodice. The municipality includes the settlement of Tribunj and a small village called Sovlje to the west. Tribunj was established as a separate municipality in 2006 when it separated from the town of Vodice.

Srima, Vodice, and Tribunj are connected by a beautiful long and reconstructed coastal promenade-path.

The historical roots of the village go back to the Middle Ages when it was known as Jurjevgrad. It is famous for its small peninsula connected to the mainland by an old stone bridge. The old town, the heart of Tribunj, is situated on this small island. Here, traditional Dalmatian townhouses and narrow alleys create a unique atmosphere. The old town hosts many events throughout the year, including the well-known donkey race in August and various musical and dance events in the summer.

For those interested in exploring the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Tribunj, a visit to Mount Sveti Nikola is a must. The church of Sveti Nikola, built in 1452, is one of the town's most important landmarks. A short climb to the top of this 60-meter-high hill offers breathtaking views of Tribunj. The Tribunj promenade is another highlight, stretching from the marina to the historic town center and further to Zamalin Beach in the north. It's a picturesque path lined with restaurants and cafes, ideal for a morning walk as fishermen bring in their fresh catch.

Marina v Tribunji je krásným místem s přímým výhledem na staré město. Má 250 míst v moři a 150 míst na souši a byla oceněna "modrou vlajkou", což ji činí jednou z nejkrásnějších v Chorvatsku. Díky své ideální poloze je Tribunj populárním výchozím bodem pro plachetní výlety a lodní výlety na okolní ostrovy, včetně nedalekého Národního parku Kornati, Přírodního parku Telascica na ostrově Dugi Otok a Národního parku Krka.

The marina in Tribunj is a beautiful spot with a direct view of the old town. It has 250 sea berths and 150 land berths and has been awarded the 'Blue Flag,' making it one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Thanks to its ideal location, Tribunj is a popular starting point for sailing trips and boat excursions to the surrounding islands, including the nearby Kornati National Park, the Telascica Nature Park on Dugi Otok, and the Krka National Park.

Tribunj boasts several beautiful beaches, making it a popular holiday destination. The beaches, mostly fine pebble bays, are known for their excellent sea quality, magnificent water colors, and high cleanliness. Bristak Beach, often referred to as Tribunj Beach, and Zamalin Beach, although a bit on the outskirts of Tribunj, are popular spots. In Tribunj itself, you will find wilder but beautiful beaches.

Bristak Beach, along the way from Vodice along the new trail.

Zamalin Beach, behind the little church. Less suitable for children.

The village offers an authentic Dalmatian atmosphere with its narrow streets, densely built houses, dry stone walls, olive groves, and vineyards. It provides an excellent opportunity to explore.

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