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Srima, beaches in Central Dalmatia, which have a lot to offer

Updated: Feb 3

If you're hearing the name of the village Srima for the first time, there's no surprise. Srima is a peaceful town, not far from the historical large city of Šibenik.

Srima is part of the unique tri-city area of Srima-Vodice-Tribunj. This alone offers many possibilities for spending your leisure time, and you don't even need to get into a car, as there is a train on wheels from Srima :)

Srima, and even in Vodice, are lined with colorful beaches, from pebbly and colorful to gravel and naturally stony. In Vodice and Tribunj, you can also find concrete beaches. Around Srima, there are also dog beaches, ideal for your furry friends.

However, all these beaches have their own unique beauty, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

At our apartments in Srima, you can look forward to a beach with a pebble-gravel shore, surrounded by many trees and a stone wall, which serves as a pleasant resting place for many :)

Overall, the coastline in Srima is rich in trees, and where their shade is insufficient, you can usually find a straw sun umbrella. So, there's plenty of shade almost everywhere.

In the gallery attached below, you'll find several photos of the coastline in Srima, including the center of Srima and a small marina - even though you probably won't be swimming there, it has its charm, and you will surely take a walk around.

At the end of the gallery, you'll come across a few rare photos of when it snowed with us :)

Although we are more the kind of people who enjoy the beach rather than photograph it, we managed to find a few shots. Most of our memories are made in motion, but we have captured something for you after all. We hope that these images can convey the atmosphere of our favorite beach. 🌞🏖️

If you're interested in where to walk from Srima, ride a bike or rollerblades, or go by kayak, paddleboard, or boat bus transport, or perhaps by car, then check out the description of the location HERE.

You can certainly look forward to more articles in the future, but feel free to write to us and we will be happy to advise you :)

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