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Palagruža Lighthouse: Guardian of the Adriatic

Updated: Jan 14

Why do we write about it when it's quite far from us?

Every year there is the Palagruža Cup regatta, which we participated in, so I got a bit interested in what this Palagrůůůža is.

This isolated gem, located about 68 kilometers southwest of the island of Lastovo, is home to the Palagruža lighthouse, which serves as an essential navigational aid for sailors navigating this challenging region.

It starts in Murter and heads towards Palagruža and back to Murter. So, although the lighthouse itself is far from us, the regatta starts very close by, on the island of Murter, and so you can observe its start and return. It's truly a wonder to see the deployment of the boat fleet.

The Palagruža lighthouse was built in 1875, and since then, it has been shining as a reliable guide for ships traveling through the nearby waters. At that time, it was constructed in an effort to increase the safety of maritime traffic in an area considered to be one of the most dangerous. Despite its historical origin, the lighthouse has undergone several modernizations and renovations to keep up with technological progress and continue to fulfill its important role. It is the largest lighthouse and also the most remote one! If you're interested in the tallest lighthouse, it is the Veli Rat lighthouse on the island of Dugi, near Zadar.

Palagruža itself is a small island with an area of just 0.25 km², but its importance as a navigational point is disproportionately large. The lighthouse, which stands 34 meters high, is built on the highest point of the island. Besides its aesthetic value, the lighthouse provides a modern light signal visible from a great distance, facilitating navigation for sailors on dark nights.

For visitors wishing to experience the magic of this remote place, it is possible to travel to Palagruža on organized trips from the surrounding islands. Although the lighthouse itself does not offer accommodation, visitors can explore the island's beauties and admire the lighthouse up close. Palagruža is also known for its underwater caves and cliffs, adding an adventurous element to the visit of this unique location.

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